NEOVIA replaces a cartesian palletizer by a palletizing robot with a bags layer former. In order not to modify the whole line configuration, bags feeding will be made from the top. The robot picks up the bag from the bottom and places it into a false pallet using motorized shaping bars to tighten the layer […]

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Minoterie du bocage choosed a multifonctions robot to automate its palletization. This palletizing station includes a pallets magazine which allows different formats , a cardboard sheets magazine for the pallet protection and a bag feeding belt. The empty pallet is caught by the robot head and is placed into the false pallet/bag layer former.The operation […]

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POLAND – leader company in semi wet petfood

High speed for small plastic bags The DN company implemented a high speed petfood packing line for small bags.The machine will handle bags from 1 to 5 kg. Bags width goes from 200 to 300 mm. Two specific spouts manage the differents formats. The bagging machine will handle various kind of bags (Doypack, Pinch bottom […]

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In bags from 5 to 25 kg, Cetec preserves your product by performing vacuum while bagging. The use of gas flushing (with azote or CO2 for instance) may be an option. These technologies can be applied for grains, pieces or powders with no speed loss. We invite you to come and realize your own tests […]

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Bagging and palletizing : a compact solution

Within a 6m x 9m space, Cetec offers compact weighing, bagging and palletizing lines for plastic, paper or PE bags from 2,5 to 25 kg. The lines include a dedicated storage compartment for all kind of bags several stations devoted to weighing, bagging and closing (trimming & crepe tape stitching or sealing system under Cetec […]

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CETEC Developer of ergonomic packaging solutions

doseur démontable detoure

Those ergonomics features include : A weighing system which can be quickly dismantled for a complete and easy cleaning A bag magazine which can be loaded while avoiding any awkward posture An identification station with large doors for quick and easy consumables refills Product collection wheeled trolleys inside the bagger. Weighing and packing compartments equipped […]

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Robot palletizer and/or palletizer with robotized gripper

Robot palettiseur

Cetec proposes two palletizing technologies and helps you finding the most appropriate solution. The palletizer with robotized head works with high speed. The Robot palletizer is very versatile, it can palletize bags and cardboard boxes and also packing items into boxes. The Robot Palletizer is coupled to a platform in order to compact the bag […]

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Cetec bagging machines and energy saving

CETEC Industry recovers all braking energies of the brushless motors by its automation. These energies are converted and re-injected into the power grid of the client. The energy saving of the bagging machine is around 30 %

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Automatic and compact palletizing

Cetec offers a fully automatic and very functional palletizing solution, ideal for smaller workshops. The infeed of empty pallets and their outfeed once they are full happen on the same side of the palletiser. The transfer conveyors are installed on two levels. Therefore, we strengthen the security by limiting the circulation zone of the fork […]

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Palletizing with simplified maintenance

Thanks to a diagnosis-integrated web service, the maintenance is easier because it allows to identify the error’s cause in a fast and intuitive way. The device « plug and play » by B&R enables an instant restart of production : all the settings (firmware) are gathered on a SD card.

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