CETEC Developer of ergonomic packaging solutions

Those ergonomics features include :

  • A weighing system which can be quickly dismantled for a complete and easy cleaning
  • A bag magazine which can be loaded while avoiding any awkward posture
  • An identification station with large doors for quick and easy consumables refills
  • Product collection wheeled trolleys inside the bagger.
  • Weighing and packing compartments equipped with specific dust suction systems according to products packed
  • A touchscreen panel allowing line control with alarms system
  • Handling tanks provided with the bagger avoiding the need to carry heavy load such as during filling spouts or reel supports changeovers
  • Glass doors offering total visibility of the machine running from the front part of the bagger as well as from the back part (see our picture on Facebook)
  • A modem connection allowing our assistance while starting production with a new machine

This ergonomics approach allows easier, healthier and safer operator working conditions.

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