CETEC knows how to talk about powdered milk

CETEC has increased machine collection of powdered milk. Today several lines are used and they offer a flexibility from 8t/h inerted to 12t/h without inerting.

The bagging machine has been designed for easy cleaning (Retention areas of the product needs to be avoided) :

  • Complete line in stainless steel (Including th closer)
  • « Clean bagging » Bagging machine : The product zone is isolated from the technical area
  • Weight machine ergonomics allowing dismantling and access for easier cleaning and time saving

The bag magazine is supplied directly from the empty storage pallet by a robot.

All these lines are supplied with FBL closing machines (Heat-welded strips and the tear strips attached to the side of the bag allowing easy bag opening and reclosing). A famous variant for food by a service of quality.

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