Fluor Mill and Harvesting « Open-ended Packaging » with easy-opening !!!

  • The miller replace the seam and the valve bag by an Easy Opening system for several reasons :

    – The bag follows HACCP regulations
    – The airtight bag protects the product
    – No more tools necessary to open the bag : No more risk of accidents
    – No more threads, pieces of bag or blade which could contaminate the product
    – A spout allowing less flour dust upon opening
    – The remaining thread allows the bag to be reclosed easily and prevents the product escaping from the bag

  • For the seed producers  :

    – The bag is completely closed and secure
    – No leak of product for fine seeds
    – The bag is opened cleanly without tools
    – A bag which can be emptied cleanly without being blocked by other alien elements
    – No direct skin contact thanks to the spout
    – The bag can be reclosed constantly by the remaining thread on the bag

That is why the FBL closing machine has been chosen by our customers.

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