Bagging and palletizing : a compact solution

Ensachage et palettisation: Solution compacte

Within a 6m x 9m space, Cetec offers compact weighing, bagging and palletizing lines for plastic, paper or PE bags from 2,5 to 25 kg.

The lines include

  • a dedicated storage compartment for all kind of bags
  • several stations devoted to weighing, bagging and closing (trimming & crepe tape stitching or sealing system under Cetec brevet)
  • weight control
  • metal detection
  • automatic bag rejection
  • bag reforming
  • Palletizing directly onto pallet

Easy access for maintenance and cleaning allows to preserve the quality of the design. All mechanical, electrical and pneumatic parts are isolated from the product area by a wall, and ergonomic approach is provided for consumable refills.

Format changeovers are directly operated from the bagging machine and interlocked with the palletizer.
Each step or subset of the line can be checked while running thanks to front and back glass doors.
Eventually, remote assistance for the whole line is offered via modem.

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