Our automatic or semi-automatic Bagging machines offer several possibilities :

  • bagging in paperbags,
  • bagging in plasticbags,
  • in polypro-bags,
  • in PETubes,
  • or mixed, Paper-and Plastic bags + Tube,
  • Buckets,
  • Barrels…

The flexibility of our machines enables us to offer the customer :

  • different formats with automatic change
  • in dirfferent activities (from solids products to powders)
  • with or without product de-aeration
  • with or without interier vacuum

To reduce production time, all our « clean bagging « systems are divided into 2 areas :

  • In the front part of the machine : Product bagging area (easy cleaning)
  • In the rear part of the machine : All electrical, mechanical and pneumatical components are grouped in a technical area for simple maintenance.

Control of the line :

  • Automatic format change
  • Human-Machine-Interface by Touchscreen with stored formulas
  • Technical customer service by Modem or ADSL

In Sector :

  • ATEX
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • EG – Standards, UL – Standards



Ensacheuse CETEC Polyflex