Our business

The CETEC factory produces packaging for many types of goods (powders, grains, solids) in pre manufactured paper, plastic, polypro bags or FFS-Tubes.

More than 80 employees work in the factory in Périgueux :

  • Design :
– Design-office – Technical drawings
– Design-office – Programming
  • Production :
– Studio or boilers
– Laser-cutting
– Painting
  • Assembly :
– Mechanical assembly
– Electrical cabling
  • For the comissioning, the online service support and formation permission :
– Technicians
  • Customer service :
– Supply of spare parts
– Complete check for preventive maintenance
– Refresher training
More than 50 years of experience
  • 1966 The technical development office created by Jean-Claude LABRUE and Michel LABRUE became a development office which is specialised in industrial building plannings.
  • 1971 Jean-Claude LABRUE creates CETEC Industry, Research -and realization company for specialst machines  :
    Machines for the treatment of plums, Lines for covering pet food.
  • Since 1981 specialising in bagging equipment
  • 2010 Régis LABRUE takes over the company from Jean-Claude LABRUE
    and becomes the general manager of CETEC Industries.
  • In 2019, Cetec expands its workshop by 2000m²



  • In 2021, on June 8, Cetec Industrie celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new logo.