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Bagging and palletizing : a compact solution

Within a 6m x 9m space, Cetec offers compact weighing, bagging and palletizing lines for plastic, paper or PE bags from 2,5 to 25 kg. The lines include a dedicated storage compartment for all kind of bags several stations devoted to weighing, bagging and closing (trimming & crepe tape stitching or sealing system under Cetec brevet) weight control metal detection automat...

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CETEC Developer of ergonomic packaging solutions

doseur démontable detoure

Those ergonomics features include : A weighing system which can be quickly dismantled for a complete and easy cleaning A bag magazine which can be loaded while avoiding any awkward posture An identification station with large doors for quick and easy consumables refills Product collection wheeled trolleys inside the bagger. Weighing and packing compartments equipped with specific ...

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Robot palletizer and/or palletizer with robotized gripper

Robot palettiseur

Cetec proposes two palletizing technologies and helps you finding the most appropriate solution. The palletizer with robotized head works with high speed. The Robot palletizer is very versatile, it can palletize bags and cardboard boxes and also packing items into boxes. The Robot Palletizer is coupled to a platform in order to compact the bag layers. The quality of pallets is identical ...

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